Children's Needs

2606 Marble Creek Dr.

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CARAWAY STREET meets the needs of children!

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children reading
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  • A STRONG IDENTITY BASED UPON WHO CHRIST IS AND WHO THE THE CHILD IS IN CHRIST. So much of the curricula available on the market today is teaching a performance-based Christianity. The emphasis is on DOING, not on RESTING in Christ. CARAWAY STREET teaches children how to put Christ in the number one position in their lives and how to let Him live His perfect life through theirs.


  • EVERYDAY APPLICATION OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH. Spiritual growth is the emphasis more than evangelism. Most of your children probably have already made decisions for Christ. The plan of salvation is in every script, but the main them is how Christ can be involved in a Christian's life everyday - at home, at school, and at play.


  • SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. This is the "TV' generation. We must meet them where they are with a fast-paced, colorful, entertaining presentation, without compromising Biblical content. Our major goal is to show children it can be FUN to dig into God's Word.


  • THE NEED TO BE INVOLVED. Children want to participate! In CARAWAY STREET they say verses and books of the Bible with the puppets, kids take on acting roles and replay scenes onstage; the volunteer answers during Game and Application Time, the children sing, pray, and share about how God has worked in their lives. There is also a 'vicarious' involvement through the drama. The students identify with the experience of the individual actor or puppet they watch.


  • KNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE THEY CAN USE. Children are often taught facts they cannot understand or relate to their own lives. They need to know the meaning of verses they are memorizing. Children need to know enough about the Word that they are not afraid to open it for themselves!


  • SECURITY. The structure of the program never changes, although there is a great variety in the content, and multiple ways a specific concept is taught. Children feel safe with the familiar, so there are many repeating segments, characters, and puppets.


  • CONTINUITY. Your students are not aware they have this need, but it is a need just the same. When a church asks parents to take turns planning a church-time program, there usually is little overall supervision - no one knows if they have repeated a theme or Bible story; often there are no long term educational goals; there is no one common, unifying theme or plan throughout all of the lessons. Our children deserve to have these requirements met. They need to be drawn CLOSER to the Lord with new material every week - not driven away from Him out of boredom!


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