2606 Marble Creek Dr.

Pearland, TX  77581


CARAWAY STREET meets the needs of the church!

  • A WELL ORGANIZED, SELF-SUSTAINING, LAY-OPERATED PROGRAM that will not overload staff members who are already spread too thin! CARAWAY STREET often attracts people who have had NO involvement in ministry up to this point!


  • A PROGRAM THAT SHOULD LAST ANY MULTIPLE OF THREE YEARS without any further expenditure to the publisher beyond the initial cost. Some churches are into their 20th, 21st, and 22nd year of CARAWAY STREET !


  • NUMERICAL GROWTH - young couples with elementary aged children are looking for a dynamic children's program to which they can bring their kids. Many churches with the CARAWAY STREET program have doubled their children's attendance by the third week. Pastors tell us they have had to print more bulletins from the day CARAWAY STREET started in their church!


  • FREES PARENTS to be in the morning service and give their FULL attention to the pastor. Parents need never worry that this program is merely a baby sitter. Christian Educators across the country are amazed at the spiritual depth of the material and how much the children are learning.


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