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How does a church or school begin a CARAWAY STREET ministry?


After you've purchased the program, CARAWAY STREET sends you

  •   A disk of six months of scripts (26 weeks)
  •   Organizational and recruiting help
  •   Blueprints for scenery
  •   Patterns for puppets and directions  for costumes
  •   Promotional materials (for inside and outside your church)

The average church takes from six to eight weeks to recruit workers (two casts of six people each is ideal), sew their 12 puppets and build their scenery. Prior to your 'live' workshop weekend, conducted by one of our seminar leaders, your cast and crew will need to watch 3 training videos and study the notes we have sent on their specific area of responsibility. These notes AND the live training time are included in the total price of the program.

The Weekend Workshop includes:

  • Review of the instructional notes that preceded our seminar leader's arrival.
  • Program order and how each segment is handled: opening, break time, game time, and application time.
  • Puppet operation
  • Leading a child to Christ and discipline
  • Rehearsal of the first script and planning of the second script.
  • Leadership notes - including using CARAWAY STREET as an outreach into the community, conducting a 'family night', and recruiting and motivating cast and crew.
  • Supervision and critique of the first script with your children in attendance.


  • Newly edited scripts addressing contemporary situations and problems facing today's child - all on computer disk (in your favorite format).
  • Super portable sets, designed to be less bulky and take up less room.
    Puppets to make or puppets to buy (at prices much lower than our competition!).
  • Begin with one cast of actors/puppeteers (4) or two (8)!
  • And, best of all, about 1/3 of the price to get started!*

* If your church or organization opts for the lowest priced, starter package

There are certain "musts" that go along with a CARAWAY STREET - distinctives to our ministry/curriculum that need to be included for a successful presentation:

  • Our creative, Biblically-based scripts
  • Puppets
  • Scenery and puppet entrances (especially the two fences)
  • Our specialized training (based upon three decades of experience!)

We have given you choices in each of these four categories. However, you must make one choice, at least, in each category to launch a complete, successful, CARAWAY STREET program.




1 Puppet and Patterns


Cast A (4 Puppets) and Bird


Cast B (4 Puppets) and Worm


Cast A & B (8 Puppets), Bird, and Worm



Blueprints for Complete 30 Foot Set


Pre-Built Street Scenery

$3,500.00 (plus Shipping)


The Best of “C Street” (13 weeks of scripts) - One Cast


Series A Scripts Entire (26 weeks of scripts) - Two Casts


Three Years of Scripts (A thru F Series Scripts) - Two Casts



One Church - One Cast


One Church - Two Casts


Workshop Shared - Another Church

$450.00 per church

Training is done IN PERSON by Ron or Chris Solomon at your church over a Friday-Sunday. Air fare from Houston, TX and accommodations are the sponsoring church’s responsibility.

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