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The children enter the room to the CARAWAY STREET theme music. They become captivated by the creative environment for learning the church has built from our blueprints. Loving adults, called 'Block Parents' seat and quiet the children.

One of the actor/teachers will ask a child to open the program in prayer. This child will change the sign on the "Nothing Missing Shop' from 'closed' to 'open' and the program begins. Twenty to twenty-five minutes of scripted material follows. Two puppets may appear out of the old fruit crates and ask the children to repeat the first eight books of the Bible with them. These puppets exit and two actor/teachers come out of the house door and act out a scene on sharing. While this is going on, the puppeteers who appeared in the previous scene have moved to a different fence with their puppets.


With acting completed, the third scene begins with one of the puppets asking how a rained out picnic is going to 'work together for good' (Romans 8:28). We not only teach Bible memory verses by rote, but the children learn what the verses MEAN. Behind the scenes, a stage manager is telling the actor/puppeteers where to go next on the stage. This has been planned ahead of time through the directions given in the scripts and by the director at rehearsal. The stage manager ALWAYS has a script in hand and backs up the amateur actors where they go backstage!

This same pacing continues, making other theme points, reviewing the verse and books of the Bible in a variety of ways, and involving the children with other segments independent of the week's theme material. Segments move fast and are purposely kept short, the set and puppets colorful, and the children are kept guessing where a puppet or teacher is going to pop out next.

Does this hold the children's attention? ABSOLUTELY!
After the first half of material has been presented, BREAK TIME takes place. In this segment we:

  • Sing with the children
  • Take an offering
  • Share the plan of salvation
  • Recognize visitors
  • Celebrate current birthdays
  • Announce contests, parties, etc.

The second half of the script takes another twenty to twenty-five minutes. This is followed by a GAME TIME. We provide you with 45 ideas for games that will test, in a fun way, the head knowledge of your kids. APPLICATION TIME is the last segment of the day. This is held in small groups - sort of a discussion time to find out how the children are going to use this new knowledge the following week.

The children have NO IDEA how much information has just passed by them, but when you ask them about the smallest details of the program, they remember an AMAZING amount!

And applications? These children are making everyday applications that even some of their parents haven't thought of!

Children are leading their friends and family to the Lord using the simple illustrations they've learned.



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