2606 Marble Creek Dr.

Pearland, TX  77581



CARAWAY STREET meets the needs of teachers!

  • COMPLETE TRAINING! Many people have never used creative dramatics in teaching to this extent - if at all.  We cover puppet operation, acting, setting boundaries involving children, pacing, etc. At the end of our weekend session, you’ll be ready to teach!


  • THREE YEAR LESSON CONTINUITY. You never have to ask yourself "What are we doing next week?" We put the words into the teacher's mouths. Most lay people are terribly threatened at the prospect of having to develop a full hour lesson from two or three pages of lesson plans. CARAWAY STREET gives you a fully developed script that fills 75 to 90 minutes. Your creativity shows, not in the preparation of the material, but in its presentation. Your people concentrate their energies on bringing the "STREET" to life.


  • TWO SETS OF TEACHERS, alternating their teaching every other week prevents burn-out.


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