2606 Marble Creek Dr.

Pearland, TX  77581




"The encouragement and support of team teaching has produced a unity that makes teaching easier and more effective."  Drew Lockerbie, Children's Director, Central Baptist Temple, Huntingbeach, CA


 "CARAWAY STREET is a church builder! It attracts young families to the church. Children are taught to trust Jesus Christ as Savior...Lord...and LIFE! CARAWAY STREET is an absolute MUST for churches who love little people...and want them equipped for a victorious future. Our children are learning how to 'walk by faith and not by sight'. I will NEVER pastor a church without CARAWAY STREET." Craig Fox, Pastor


"CARAWAY STREET compliments your first hour teaching - to help hold a child's attention for the second hour. The focus is different. Sunday School basically teaches church doctrine and Bible stories, and you can't replace that. In CARAWAY STREET, the focus is BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES. Through each presentation, the kids are told who they are in Christ and shown how to abide in that life. The program is very practical." Gayle Tenbrook, Minister of Children, Immanuel Baptist Church, Wichita, Kansas


 "For years I felt like my Children's Church program and that of everyone else I knew, was just a glorified babysitting service. However, with CARAWAY STREET, we have a program with purpose where children are learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. CARAWAY STREET meets the need of the local church today!" Ed Courtney, former pastor of Westland Baptist Church, Lakewood, Colorado


 "Personally our family has been appreciative of the outreach possibilities. Our daughter invites friends to come to CARAWAY STREET and four children have professed to receiving Christ as Savior as a result of attending." Lamar Allen, Calvary Baptist Church, Los Gatos, California


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